3 Ways to Promote Lab Safety


Proper Medical Lab Safety

A medical lab poses a variety of health risks without adding humans to the mix. Researchers who are uneducated about potential health hazards are more likely to harm another or be harmed in a lab.

Here are a few ways to promote lab safety:

  • Identify Hazards – Potential hazards include exposure to harmful chemicals, burns, power failures, and spills.
  • Causes – The main causes of hazards are inexperienced researchers, poor equipment, minimal lab safety education, and distractions within a lab.
  • Prevention – The best ways to prevent lab accidents are by properly educating lab aides and researchers, keeping a lab safety manual and hands reach, identify risks and take steps to reduce risks, replacing old equipment and providing proper protective equipment.

To maintain safety within a lab, stock up or replace old equipment with Omni Medical Supply.



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